Investment property worldwide
Invest In Massive Yielding Property In The USA’s Largest Oilfield
With a potential 56% Annual Rental Returns OR a 25% guaranteed yield for 4 years.

This has to be the best investment opportunity of the 21st century so far.
Now available fractional units of either 50% or 25%.

Follow the link below to download a brochure on the Bakkan oil fields mini motel rooms or click on the link to be emailed further information - LINK
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                           A new concept in affordable housing
– £44,950 purchase price
– 30.84% below market value
-- £20,000 instant equity

-- 8% net yields
-- SPECIAL OFFER - BUY 5 for the Price of 4.5 - Saving £22,475

Beacon Apartments encompasses an exciting new living concept of one-bedroom
UrbanPads for key workers and young professionals and are ideal for first time
buyers and investors alike.
Located near the centre of Gateshead in the North East of England, Beacon
Apartments will be the ideal location for young professionals and those working
in the nearby towns and cities such as Newcastle and Durham.
The property is situated in close proximity to main motorways and transport
links and provides quick and easy access to business centres.
Beacon Apartments sits near to the A167 Gateshead Highway, which provides
surrounding areas and also the A1 via A184 and the A19 for those commuting to
places of work.
A converted 1970s building with fully renovated interiors and exteriors,
Beacon Apartments is a modern property and provides an attractive option for
people looking for central living spaces.
The new concept development will be converted into 112 Urban Pads. They are
30m2, one bedroom suited for urban living preferred by young professionals. Each
pad will consist of a living and kitchen area, a bedroom and a bathroom.
Highlights of Beacon Apartments
 -              Close to areas of interest such as Newcastle and Durham.
 -              Urban Pads concept providing 112 urban pads with rents from £395 pcm.
 -              High Net Yields.

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Student accommodation will continue to offer attractive investment returns in spite of upcoming changes to tuition fees, this is according to all the major market analysts.

Private investors have been attracted to student property as an asset class due to the relatively high yields on offer, driven by the imbalance between the supply of accommodation and the high demand for university places.

With an offer on at the moment of buy five get one free there has never been a better time to buy into this market especially when you consider that the current value for student accommodation is £45,000 per unit whilst the deal offered nets the properties down to £25000 per unit.

Link to further information –
Student pods.

There are lots of things to consider before moving overseas, to make sure that everything goes well.
Find out if you get free health care. You should do if you’re in the EU, but  it may not be as all-embracing as on the NHS. In some countries, you’ll have  to go private for all your treatments.
Decide if you can afford to keep the place for your exclusive use.
Will you need to rent it out, to make ends meet?
Find out if your pension will freeze, ie not go up automatically with  
inflation. It might do, if you move outside the European Union.
Choose between living with the locals (for the authentic experience), or with 
expats (good if you don’t speak the language).
Think jet lag and journey time – how many hours’ difference between your  
foreign home and GMT? Or BST, for that matter?
How much tax will you have to pay? Will you be better off if you are  
classified as a tax resident of the country you have moved to? Or not? Will  
you even have a choice?
Be wary of burning your British property bridges. Where will you live if your 
foreign life goes pear-shaped and you have to come back to the UK?
Work out how dependent you’ll be on low-cost airlines. What happens if they  
stop flying to your overseas location?
Study the local inheritance laws. Can you pass on your property to family  
members, and if so, how much tax will they have to pay?
Do your currency sums. What happens if the pound plummets – or soars?

To help find that perfect 2nd home just let us know what you are looking for and we will try source it for you  - LINK -

At the moment we have a villa on the western Algarve reduced from
€1,750,000 TO €800,000 where if required purchase payments can be spread over 2 years ALSO  
 on the Entre Naranjos Golf Course in Alicante we have a 2 bedroomed apartment on the top floor with its own Solarium for only €52,000 - LINK