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The prices of new properties in Turkey have been increasing steadily over the last 12 months and experts expect them to continue doing so in 2012.
According to the latest figures from the REIDIN New Home Price Index prices increased 0.78% in November and are now 9.88% up on November 2010.
Trademarked projects in the European side of Istanbul increased 1.17% month on months while those on the Asian side were up 0.47%.
The index also shows prices for existing homes increased 0.89% in Turkey overall, 0.93% in Adana, 0.55% in Ankara, 1.27% in Antalya, 1.08% in Istanbul and 1.14% in Izmir. Prices were stable in Kocaeli and decreased 0.11% in Bursa during December 2011.

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